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Youtube Video Instant

documentation page

This documentation was made only with the Documenter (except the images)

About it!


This is a web application that can help you to start your own multimedia website with videos from youtube and with the Instant Search algorithm.

Here i will tech you how to install it and how to make the correct setting so it will work perfectly as you want.



The code that i wrote is easy to understand with comments that explain everything you need to be able to modify it if you want.


Here you have everything you need to install your script.

I wanted to make this script as easy i could for you so you won't be forced to install it manually. All you need is to create a mysql database in your host and complete the form with the correct informations.

After you write the database information you need to place also the website title, url and email(for contact support).

Now all you have to do is press the install button and you're done, your application is up and running.

After the installation you should remove the install.php file so you won't have problems.

How does it work?

I uploaded some images to help you understand better how this application work.

The most important stuff that my application has is the instant video search that helps you to find your videos much faster than any other web application.To use it all you have to do is to write the name of your favorite song in the search box.That is step 1 from the image.

The rest of them explain how the application work.So first thing that happens after you place your video name in the search box is the loading of the video player.When the video player is  loaded and start playing the video you will see that the related videos is loaded and the name of the video is also loaded.

Last you can see the extra control box that is placed after the video player (step 4) it can help you to navigate between your videos history, it also can set the video to auto loop and if you like it you can add it to favorite.


About the administration I can say that is very easy to use.

In this image you have the general settings of the website.

Here you can edit the site link, site title, the meta keywords and description and also the email address.

Here you have the user settings. You can set here if you want user to register on your website and also if you want them to verify by email. You also have can set the maximum amount of mb that the user image can have and the allowed extensions

You can also remove the user that you don't want on your website by simply clicking on the X image.

Last word

This is everithing you need to know to be able to install and use the YouTube Instant application! 
And thanks for buying!